There are several new colour introductions and paint pricing is brought in to line with other models within the Vauxhall range. White Edition joins the Red and Black Edition line up. The ecoFLEX name is replaced with ECOTEC. A number of new options are introduced, at the same time option prices are realigned. Easytronic model pricing increases by £100.


  • Darksea Blue is deleted
  • Darkmoon Blue is introduced and classified as a Premium colour
  • Lime Green is reclassified as a Premium colour
  • Mandarina brilliant paint is introduced on Limited Edition models
  • Abalone White Tri Coat paint is introduced on 5-door trim levels


We are pleased to announce that White Edition is introduced alongside the Red Edition and Black Edition line up. Available in Summit White brilliant paint, specification and pricing is as Red Edition and Black Edition.


The ecoFLEX name has been replaced for MY18 with ECOTEC.

In the price guide models with the 1.0T 90PS engine, the 1.3 CDTI (95PS) manual 5-speed and the 1.3 CDTi (95PS) Easytronic will be referred to as ECOTEC models.

All models with a 1.0 T (90PS) engine will have an ECOTEC badge on the rear of the vehicle.

All models with a 1.3 CDTi (95PS) manual 5-speed or a 1.3 CDTi (95PS) Easytronic engine will have an ECOTEC D badge on the rear of the vehicle.


The following changes to the standard vehicle specification are effective for MY18 vehicles.

Dual tone horn is replaced with a single tone horn on SRI, SRi VX-Line, SE and Elite models.

Rear centre head restraint is removed as standard equipment on Elite models and is no longer available as a special build on other models.


The following options change in price for MY18.

15” Alloy available on Design models is now priced at £200

Panoramic sunroof is now priced at £890.

Rear view camera is now priced at £250.

Flex Fix bike carrier is now priced at £670.

Passenger seat height adjust is now priced at £75.

Front and Rear parking sensors are now priced at £465.

Advanced Park Assist is now priced at £550 on Energy, Limited Edition, Red, Black & White Edition, SRi and SRi VX-Line models. Advanced Park Assist on SE and Elite models is now priced at £250.

OnStar is now priced at £415.

Climate Control is now priced at £415.

17” Diamond cut alloy is now priced at £480 on SE models and on SRi VX-Line models is now priced at £250.

Winter Pack is now priced at £365.


For MY18 5-door Energy models revert back to 16” 8 spoke alloy, therefore for MY18 3-door and 5-door Energy models will have the same wheel.