Vauxhall Customer Excellence Award

The Vauxhall Customer Excellence Awards recognise the Retailers for the quality of service they give.

All winners routinely go the extra mile to help customers, and the award recognises the consistently hard work that’s gone into their all-round service.

Thousands of Purchase Satisfaction and Service Satisfaction surveys – a recent tally came to over 60,000 surveys in six months. Each year, a Customer Excellence Award goes to Retailers with the best combined score from the surveys.

You’ll be invited to complete a survey when you buy a new Vauxhall or when your vehicle is serviced for the first or second time.

How do you win a Customer Excellence Award?

The criteria constantly changes and evolves with Vauxhall Customer Excellence awards. This is to ensure that all retailers work harder and harder for our customers.

In earlier Customer Excellence Awards, the top 50 retailers in the country would earn a Customer Excellence Award - regardless of their combined Sales and Service survey score.

To win a Customer Excellence Award for 2017, retailers had to have a combined Sales and Service survey score above 89.0%. Only 35 retailers our of around 350 hit this target.

That explains why we've won so many!