Choosing your Motability Car

Leasing a vehicle – also known as contract hire – under the Vauxhall Motability scheme could not be easier, ensuring your motoring is worry-free with no unexpected bills.

As a DLA mobility component (higher rate), PIP, AFIP and War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement customer, we know you find the most challenging part is to decide which new Vauxhall Motability car you would like – there are so many to choose from.

Motability Contract Hire

As the name suggests, whether you are a disabled driver or your carer will getting behind the wheel, you hire a Vauxhall from our Motability scheme and agree to lease it over a three-year period. Once the contract has expired, you just hand it back to your specialist retailer (no need to arrange a part-exchange or ‘haggle’ for a new deal) and then choose another brand new car from our range of motability cars.

Who owns and funds the car?

You lease your Motability car for a three-year contract hire period from Motability Operations.

Your mobility allowance is then assigned to Motability who meets any initial bills on your behalf. That’s why there are no credit checks or assessments required.

We have many Motability offers that do not require an upfront fee. However, should an advance payment be required then this is paid by you, or your carer, as a single payment to us.

Why do some deals require advance payments?

For larger, or more expensive vehicles, your mobility allowance may not be sufficient to cover the cost of the three-year contract hire period. In these cases, an advance payment is required to make up the difference. This takes into account any additional cost in the value of the vehicle, as well as running costs and the likely depreciation. An advance payment is non-refundable.

Who pays for the running costs?

You just have to put the fuel in the tank; everything else is taken care of on your behalf.

The following is included - Insurance, servicing and maintenance, Vehicle Excise Duty, Replacement tyres, Full RAC Breakdown Assistance, many Motability adaptations and no extra cost and windscreen repair.

The only exception is – if you exceed 60,000 miles during the three years in which you have the car - you will be charged 5 pence per mile (including VAT) for every mile over that limit.

How does PIP work?

Disability Living Allowance is changing to a new allowance called Personal Independence Payment (PIP). The Vauxhall Motability Scheme will continue to lease cars to disabled people if you receive the Enhanced Rate of the Mobility Component of PIP, which has the same value as the Higher Rate Mobility Component of DLA.