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Customer Satisfaction

We take great pride in offering the best customer service we possibly can. We always strive to offer the quickest, most efficient and friendly service. This shows in our multiple Vauxhall Customer Excellence Awards over the years.

In the event that you are not satisfied with our products and/or services and wish to raise a complaint, in the first instance, please contact the Manager of the relevant department. Their details are listed at the foot of this page.

Verbal Complaints / Discrepancy Reports

These may be made via telephone to 01664 410610 or any of our publicised land line or mobile numbers. Please note that we will not repond to voicemails or text messages.

Receiving Complaints / Discrepancy Reports

Complaints/discrepancy reports may arrive through channels publicised for that purpose or through any other contact details or opportunities the complainant may have.

When complaints/discrepancy reports are made in person or by telephone, they will be written down and the detail recorded on the appropriate record form which will include:

The detailed facts of the complaint/discrepancy. The complainants name, address, home/mobile telephone numbers as applicable along with an email address. The product, service, person or facility around the complaint/discrepancy is based. The detail of the failure to please, problem, defect etc and when the problem arose, was first noticed, history and any previous dealings with Aston Vauxhall in relation to the complaint/discrepancy that may be relevant.

A discrepancy report can take up to 48 hours for a response.

An informal complaint with a manager can take up to 4 weeks for a reply.

Whereapon a Manager cannot resolve an informal complaint and this is taken to board level the formal complaint can take up to 60 days to receive a reply. The complaint will be acknowledged within 7 days of receipt and a full investigation carried out.

The claimant will be kept fully informed of progress.

For all complaints relating to Sales

Peter Bettelley

01664 412817​

For all complaints relating to Servicing

Martyn Mead

01664 412808

If the Manager is unable to resolve any issues you may have, please feel free raise a formal complaint to Amanda Stevens in writing or email -

Further Dispute Resolution

Where your complaint cannot be resolved, once you have exhausted our internal process, you may refer to the following process.

We subscribe to The Motor Ombudsman. The Motor Ombudsman is the automotive dispute resolution body. Fully-impartial, it is the first ombudsman to be focused solely on the automotive sector, and self-regulates the UK's motor industry through its comprehensive Chartered Trading Standards (CTSI)-approved Codes of Practice.

Further details can be found at or you can contact the advice line on 0345 241 3008.

Our vehicle cash purchase, re-purchase, exchange and rejection policy

We will always offer to buy any vehicle we have sold to one of our customers at a future point in time following purchase.

If a vehicle is rejected, we have two standard calculations for re-purchasing the vehicle should a rejection be accepted. They are as follows;

A charge of £500+VAT plus 46p+VAT per mile covered in the vehicle.

Alternatively, fair market value allowing for condition using CAP and Autotrader valuations which are industry standard. 

Our vehicle cancellation, deposit and refund policy

We will always accept a cancellation of an order unless an order specifically mentions that this is a non-cancellable order and is signed by the customer in agreement.

Any deposit taken on a vehicle is refundable. Deposits are refunded as soon as the vehicle subject to cancellation has been re-sold. At this point, it is possible to establish our costs associated with the original sale / loss on re-sale / cost of re-sale.

These legitimate costs are deducted from the deposit held by the original purchaser.

Where the amount of costs incurred exceeds the deposit held, we reserve the right to invoice the original buyer accordingly to recover our loss.

On cancellation we will write to the original buyer explaining this procedure and outlining the likely outcome of their decision to cancel their vehicle order.