We buy local cars!

Genuine, fair offers, trusted and home collection across the East Midlands

We have a display area to accommodate 300 vehicles - we are in constant need of stock.

We do not buy from auction or ex-leasing companies - we want to buy vehicles which have been owned and cared for by private customers.

Please contact us with your registration and mileage. We'll give you a call, take a few more details and we'll come back to you with a valuation!

Or, you are welcome to pop in to our showroom Monday to Friday!



What about the private plate on my car?

If you wish to retain the private plate or you were going to to let the plate go with the car, we will still require you to remove the plate. The new V5 will be issued to you straight away and will come through in 2-4 working days. You can action your plate transfer online and the DVLA charge £80 for this service.

If we come to collect the vehicle or you deliver the vehicle and there is a private plate which you wish to retain, we will still take/collect/pay for the vehicle but we will deduct £250 until we receive the new V5.

We do not take vehicles in with private plates on unless agreed in advance. This is because in order to take the private plate off, the vehicle must be transferred in to our ownership. This adds another owner on to the vehicle which devalues the vehicle.

What happens with the V5 and Yellow Slip?

On your V5, you will see No.6 green section and N.9 yellow section.

The No.6 green section is for when you wish to transfer the vehicle in to another persons ownership.

The No.9 yellow section is for when you sell the vehicle / trade in the vehicle to a motor trader.

When our driver gets to you, he will help you will in the No.9 yellow section correctly which must be sent by you to the DVLA via post.

If you decide to tell the DVLA you no longer own the vehicle via their website / portal, this will put the vehicle in to our name and add another owner to the vehicle. This is incorrect. If you do this, we will deduct £350 from our payment or raise an invoice of £350 and pursue you in the small claims court.

We do not wish to scare potential sellers but historically we have had vehicles put in to our name making the vehicle worth less which in turn makes the vehicle less desirable to future buyers.

When the DVLA receive your No.9 yellow section, they remove your ownership of the vehicle and the vehicle is put in to what's called 'in to the trade' which triggers the tax refund to you.

There's finance outstanding on my car, can you settle it?

We can certainly settle your finance, that's not a problem at all.

We are partners with a number of finance companies so we can obtain settlements on your behalf but for non-partner companies, you will need to request a settlement quote and have that sent to us. To help speed up the process, we can supply a contact number and your finance agreement number should you require it.

Outstanding finance payment examples

If we purchase your vehicle for £10,000 and there is outstanding finance of £9,000, we will pay you £1,000.

If we purchase your vehicle for £10,000 and there is outstanding finance of £11,000, you will pay us £1,000.

Can I settle the finance myself?

You are welcome to settle the finance on your own but it can take up to 10 working days for finance companies to update their records which in turn update HPI finance markers. Until these HPI markers are cleared on your HPI report, we are unable to pay for your vehicle.

When will you pay me for my car?

After we have checked over your vehicle, we will transfer the funds in to your bank account. Once you are satisfied funds are showing in your account, we will take the vehicle.

We can collect from the following locations;

Melton Mowbray, Oakham, Stamford, Leicester, Nottingham, Corby, Grantham, Loughborough, Peterborough, Derby, Coventry, Birmingham, Northampton.