​Your complimentary Vehicle Health Check

Every time your vehicle comes in to us - it will get a Vehicle Health Check. It's nothing sinister, and it costs you nothing. 

One of our Vauxhall Factory Training Technicians will take 10-15 mins of their time to walk around your car, perform some checks and note down anything that we think you'd want to know about.

Fair enough, what counts as 'checking'?

For all the items checked, the Technician will give a 'Green', 'Amber' or 'Red' value, plus some notes.

For example, we check all four tyres, report outside, centre and inside tread depth, if they're on or below the legal limit, it'll be flagged 'Red' and with the actual tread reading.

If the tread is below 3mm, it'll be flagged 'Amber' with the actual tread reading, plus a recommendation. There will be a quote for any work that is flagged 'Amber' and 'Red' so you clearly can see there and then how much the maintenance will cost you.

Items that we check to keep you motoring safely

Tyres - Inner, outer and centre tread depth. The spare (if fitted) is checked. Wheel alignment is checked also. Wheel alignment can often be the cause of adverse tyre tread wear.

Externally - We check for any dents, scratches, faults with glass (chips/cracks etc), mirrors (smashed/hanging loose etc). Faults with door locks, brakes, clutch, transmission operation, plus any adverse engine and exhaust noise.

Internal & Electrical - We'll check that your lights and indicators work properly, along with your horn, wipers, washers, air conditioning, heating and ventilation system, plus your internal dash lights.

Under your bonnet - We check engine oil level, anti-freeze condition. Any water, oil or fluid leaks. Your alternator belt and battery, power steering fluid and timing belt.

Brakes and hubs - We check your brake master cylinder, servo and fluid. Brake fluid boiling point (keeping the fluid fresh is key), your front and rear brake discs and pad material, wheel bearings and all associated hoses, pipes and cables.

Underneath - We check your exhaust system and catalytic converter for condition and leaks, your steering, front and rear suspension plus your driveshafts for oil leaks.

We'll also note down the dates of your next service, your next MOT and if an oil top up recommendation.

This is the level of service people expect from a Main Dealer, and this is the level of service we provide. To earn your business, we know we have to go the extra mile. That's exactly why we do.