SS 5W-40 Semi-Synthetic oil recommended for Zetec engines

TC-Lube SS 5W-30 is a semi-synthetic, multigrade engine oil specially formulated to meet the superior performance and fuel efficiency requirements of mondern engines requireing low viscosity oils. Enhanced oil flow and film strength give essential protection during start-up, and advanced additive technology provides long term benefits including reduced wear on critical components.

Features & Benefits

  • Fuel-efficient multigrade formulation
  • High termal stability
  • Excellent low temperature fluidity
  • Outstanding engine protection


TC-Lube SS 5W-30 is recommended for petrol and diesel engines in passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. It is particularly suitable for use in Zetec and Duratorq engines fitted to many Ford vehicles as well as other manufacturers such as Land Rover. It is recommended where any of the following specifications and a 5W-30 viscosity grade are required.

Performance LevelsTypical Test Data
API SL/SJ/CF Specific Gravity @ 15°C 0.874
ACEA A1, B1 Kinematic Viscosity @ 100ºC (cSt) 10.6
Ford WSS M2C 913-B Kinematic Viscosity @ 40ºC (cSt) 64.6
BWM LL-FE-01 Viscosity Index 163
ILSAC GF-2 Flash Point COC (ºC) 200

Pour Point (ºC) -39
TBN (mg KOH/g)


TC-Lube SS 5W-30 is available in 199-litre barrels and 20-litre drums.

API - American Petroleum Institute - Minimum performance standards for lubricants.

ACEA - Performance and quality classifications in Europe.

Kinematic Viscosity - Measure of the resistance of a fluid which is being deformed by either shear or tensile stress.

Viscosity Index - Arbitrary measure for the change of viscosity with temperature.

Flash Point - Lowest temperature at which a material can vaporise to form an ignitable mixture in the air.

Pour Point - Lowest temperature in which motor engine oil can flow.

TBN - Total Base Number - An indicator for the measure of a lubricant's reserve alkalinity. Measured in milligrams of potassium hydroxide per gram (mg KOH/g).

Sulphated Ash - Indicates the concentration of know metal-containing additives in oil.