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Vauxhall OnStar

Our OnStar feature offers a range of services to help if you have an accident and makes sure that you feel safe on the road.

From crash response to stolen vehicle assistance, from WIFI hotspot to remote car checks, OnStar is just a click away.

Vauxhall became part of Groupe PSA on 1st August 2017 and future vehicle developments and technologies will be based on Groupe PSA platforms. Groupe PSA continues to work with General Motors on a number of ongoing shared projects including the connectivity service OnStar. OnStar is owned by OnStar Europe Limited, a General Motors owned company.

All OnStar services and Wi-Fi services will cease to be available on 31st December 2020.  No trial or paid subscriptions or services, including emergency response services, will be available after that date.

OnStar will continue to provide the current set and quality of OnStar service as part of any trial or subsequent paid subscription through 31st December 2020. This includes the Wi-Fi service delivered by OnStar’s telecommunication partners.

OnStar will begin contacting existing customers with an already active trial or paid subscription to advise them of the OnStar services end date.

For now, you can enjoy the following features;


If you have an accident and can’t call for help, Vauxhall OnStar reacts instantly.

The second your airbag inflates:

  • Automatic Crash Response opens a direct line to a trained Vauxhall OnStar advisor, who’ll talk to you in your chosen language (even if you’re abroad) via the hands-free speakerphone.
  • Vauxhall OnStar sends a report to our Service Centre, including your location, travel direction, vehicle colour and the extent of the damage.

Emergency services immediately head to the accident scene, if your vehicle report warrants it.


You broke down in an unknown area? And you have weak mobile phone reception? Or your phone battery is dead? Press the Service Button and contact your OnStar advisor. The advisor will record your problem and support you in getting help. OnStar will contact the AA and, if your car is within the Vauxhall Roadside Assistance coverage period and policy terms, they will dispatch a professional breakdown recovery team to your location free of charge.


If a medical emergency affects you or your passengers, Vauxhall OnStar is ready to help.

  • Press the SOS button for a direct line to an Vauxhall OnStar service advisor.
  • If necessary, your advisor will send details of your exact location to the relevant emergency services, who will immediately come to your aid.


Broadband makes life easier and more fun, so use Vauxhall OnStar to create an in-car wi-fi hotspot.

  • Enjoy fast and stable internet access on the move.
  • Smartphones, laptops, tablets and more – your hotspot will support up to seven devices.
  • Vauxhall OnStar’s powerful roof antenna reliably connects you to high-speed internet services.

For your Wi-Fi Hotspot you will get a free data trial period of 3 months or 3 GB (whatever comes first). After the trial, you can purchase Wi-Fi Hotspot data packages separately.


When do I need to fill up? What‘s my tyre pressure? Where did I park? Use your Vauxhall OnStar smartphone app to:

  • Display key diagnostics (like tyre pressure, fuel and oil life) anytime, anywhere.
  • Lock and unlock your car doors remotely.
  • Locate your vehicle if you can’t remember where you last parked.
  • Once you’re close to your car, flash the lights and honk the horn to identify it.
  • Enter your destination address into your smartphone and send it to your car‘s navigation system.


If your car is not where you parked it, Vauxhall OnStar can confirm if it’s been stolen – and help you get it back.

  • Once you report the theft to the police, your Vauxhall OnStar advisor can use the crime reference number to start searching for your car.
  • Vauxhall OnStar’s GPS technology will confirm your Vauxhall’s location.
  • If the thief turns off the engine, Vauxhall OnStar can deactivate the ignition, effectively immobilising your car. The police can then recover it.


You are not inside your car – but OnStar is! If a warning light in the cockpit lights up or something just does not feel right just ask OnStar.

With the systematics Vehicle Diagnostics you know what the status is at any time. In order to be able to react in time, in case of doubt.

  • You can stay informed about the condition of your car. OnStar send you a monthly email. It includes vital current operating data of your vehicle from the oil life up to the tyre pressure. So you always have all relevant information ready at hand.
  • The warning light in the cockpit lights up? Just press the Service Button and talk to your OnStar advisor can determine, it there is a damage, how severe it is, and whether you should go to a repair shop.
  • You actually have to go to the repair shop? Annoying, but OnStar makes it easy for you: Your OnStar advisor send the address of the nearest Vauxhall Retailer directly to your built-in Vauxhall navigation system.


‘Isn’t that museum around here?’ ‘Where’s that great restaurant?’ ‘Is this the stadium?’ Vauxhall OnStar is always ready to help when you’re in doubt about locations, directions or destinations.

  • Use the Service button to contact your Vauxhall OnStar advisor. They’ll pinpoint your destination and send the address to your vehicle´s navigation system.
  • Destination Download saves time and calms nerves – for example, by helping you easily switch destination en route.


Protect your privacy - at the push of one button. Nothing is possible at OnStar without your okay.

  • For your safety, you decide on a PIN when you set up your account. If you would like to use the Remote Door Unlock1or the Stolen Vehicle Assistance, the OnStar advisor will ask for it. That makes it clear: not the theif - only you have access to your car.
  • If you keep the Privacy Button in your car pushed for approximately five seconds, you mask the car's location at any time. If you change your mind, press the Privacy Button for five seconds again to reveal your location. The only exception: a real emergency.2
  • Your privacy is important to us: we will never pass on your personal data without your consent. Your information will only be disclosed to OnStar and GM Holdings LLC (USA), its affiliate companies (e.g. Adam Opel AG), your selected/preferred dealers, companies involved in providing or carrying out the OnStar services and, at your request, to other service companies.
  • If you press the black Privacy Button for approximately five seconds, OnStar will not determine the location of your vehicle anymore - except in emergency situations, for example, an accident or car theft.

The OnStar Services require activation and are subject to mobile network coverage and GPS availability. Charges apply after the free trial period. The OnStar subscription packages could be different from the services included in the free trial package. Some features may not be available for certain carlines or trim levels. Terms and conditions apply.
If your car is outside its Vauxhall Roadside Assistance coverage period or policy terms, the AA may charge you for their services.