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Vauxhall Factory Order Leadtimes

We receive updates from Vauxhall on a weekly basis regarding current leadtimes.

These leadtimes are not set in stone, they can do move. Specific vehicles will come forward and go back prior to the vehicle being scheduled for build.

Some vehicles such as Combo Life and Grandland X which have very recently entered production and such have increased demand vs production availability - their leadtimes can vary by quite some margin depending on material availability.

CarlineDelivery WeekSpecification Exceptions
New CorsaJanuary 2020
New Corsa-eMarch/April 2020
New Astra 5DRWeek 50 2019
New Astra Sports TourerWeek 48 2019
Insignia Grand SportWeek 50 2019
Crossland XWeek 50 2019 Additional 6 weeks for 1.2T 130PS automatic models. Additional 4 weeks for 1.2T 130PS models. Additional 4 weeks for diesel models.
Grandland XJanuary 2020
Grandland X PHEVFebruary 2020
Combo LifeJanuary 2020 Additional 4 weeks for XL and 7 seater models.
Vivaro LifeJanuary 2020
Combo CargoJanuary 2020 Crew Van variants have been delayed until further notice.
VivaroJanuary 2020
MovanoWeek 2 2020 Additional 4 weeks for Chassis Cab, Box body, Dropside and Tipper. Additional 6 weeks for Minibus, Crewcab and Platform.