SE & SE Nav trims are no longer available to factory order. The outgoing trims will shortly be replaced by two exciting new trim levels named Sport and Sport Nav Premium, providing outstanding exterior appeal combined with great value 

As soon as the new Sport and Sport NAV Premium trims become available to order they will be the subject of a separate communication 

Tech Line NAV trim renamed Business Edition NAV in line with new trim level naming strategy 

Ultimate trim no longer available.


New Euro 6D Final 1.2 (130PS) S/S engine with EVAP, active aero shutter and automatic transmission introduced 

New Euro 6D Temp 1.5 (120PS) S/S diesel engine with automatic transmission introduced 

Existing Euro 6D Temp 1.5 (102PS) S/S diesel engine with manual transmission now gets an active aero shutter 

Size of diesel engine AdBlue tank decreased from 17 litres to 14.8 litres


Business Edition NAV, Elite & Elite NAV models - new eco LED headlamps replace halogen headlamps as standard     

Business Edition NAV, Elite & Elite NAV models - now get Driver's Ergonomic Active Seat as standard 

Premium Sound System no longer available 

All trims - Petrol & diesel rev counter RPM scales harmonised, now only the petrol RPM scale is used with a red dot at 5,000 RPM to indicate redline for diesel engines 

All trims - Damper in the glove box replaced by two foam blocks 

Exterior colours - Mineral Black, metallic replaced by Diamond Black, metallic                   

Exterior colours - Mineral Black, metallic two tone roof colour replaced by Diamond Black, metallic two tone roof colour 

Exterior colours - Sovereign Silver, metallic replaced by Quartz Silver, metallic

Exterior colours - Rioja Red, premium no longer available                                                                                                  

Exterior colours - Aegean Blue, solid no longer available 

Exterior colours - Darkmoon Blue, premium becomes FOC colour 

Exterior colours - Amber Orange, premium replaced by Orange Fizz, premium


Detachable tow bar no longer available as factory fit, retailer fit only

Fixed glass roof with electrical operated sunshade no longer available

LED Tail Lamps no longer available

Premium Lighting Pack no longer available

Elite & Elite NAV optional 17" alloy wheels, Multi-Spokes Design, Machine finished, Titan Gloss no longer available

Driver and co-driver comfort pack no longer available