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Insignia Grand Sport

Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport

​Imagine yourself inside its low, profiled body, showing off those sporty curves and hi-tech edge.

​Insignia Grand Sport is all about cool, calm confidence.

Ready to impress? Insignia Grand Sport is. Coupé-like lines and a refined style gives you space for adventure – wherever you go, whatever you’re up to. 

Sit down, settle in. Behind the wheel, you’ll soon see what it’s all about. You. 

An ergonomically designed cockpit with controls that fall easily to hand. An infotainment touchscreen poised just a touch away. And a choice of seat that can be adjusted up to 18 different ways (it can even be ventilated and give you a nice massage). 

So relax, make yourself at home. This is Insignia.

​Driving at night on busy roads after a hectic day – it’s not ideal. 

Hang on though. With Insignia, you can relax. 

Because it’s got bright ideas like new IntelliLux LED® Matrix headlights. They shape their beam to avoid dazzling oncoming drivers, so you drive with less stress (and no need to switch your headlights, ever). But it’s only one of the smart ways we’re making your drive more brilliant. 

Ever thought what a good driver does? Keep their eyes on the road and think ahead. Which is exactly what Insignia helps you do, every split second. Its advanced front camera safety systems tirelessly watch the road ahead to keep you alert, calm and help avoid mishaps. 

IntelliLux LED® Matrix headlights are a bright idea for a safer, more relaxed drive on night roads. 

They shine a powerful beam that instantly shapes itself to driving conditions. Replacing the dipped and main beams, each headlight is a cluster of 16 powerful LEDs which illuminate the road, switching independently to precisely shape the beam pattern around oncoming traffic. 

Insignia’s got your back. And your front. Oh yes, and your sides too. It looks out for you using the new generation of radar-based driver assistance systems, supported by front-facing camera technology to constantly scan the road ahead and around you. 

A place we feel secure, relaxed and comfortable. That’s home. And yet we can be at home anywhere. So long as it feels right. 

Step into Insignia’s interior and you’ll find generous room to work, relax and travel in comfort. Not to mention plenty of handy storage and clever cubby holes too. So settle in, feel the comfort and enjoy the sense of space that makes Insignia a place to look forward to. 

Funny thing about space. There’s never enough of it. Especially when you’re packing for a trip away. And by that we mean anything from a shopping trip to a major road trip. Which is why we designed the Insignia interior to be as super roomy and flexible as possible. Look inside and see how comfortably it welcomes people and loads of all shapes and sizes, with plenty of handy, well-thought-out places to keep things nice and tidy. Because it’s not just space, it’s room to live.

That feeling when you sit in a comfy chair that just hugs you. A seat you just don’t feel like getting out of. Ever. Or anytime soon. That’s the ergonomic seat we designed for Insignia. It’s approved by the AGR*, an independent committee of back health experts and medical professionals. Which means it looks after you, by looking after your back.

Introducing the new Insignia GSi Nav Grand Sport and Sports Tourer. Developed in part at the Nürburgring, you get seriously competitive performance with absolutely no compromise.

260PS on tap gives the petrol GSi an enviable power-to-weight ratio that takes you from zero to 62mph in 7.5 seconds, with equally impressive stats from the 210PS BiTurbo diesel. Four-pot Brembo brakes mean superb stopping power too.

Sophisticated four-wheel drive with torque vectoring instantly adapts to the road conditions, while an exclusive GSi body kit, 20-inch alloys, Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tyres and plenty of chrome detailing means you’ll also look the business.

So get ready to get ahead. Imagine yourself settling in and taking to the road like a hero. What better way to release your competitive side?

“Oh, turn it up, I love this song!” Whether it’s your new favourite sounds or your all-time classics, car journeys go so much better with top-notch entertainment.

What’s more, you can be loads more productive and relaxed with seamless, hands-free connectivity at your fingertips.

That’s why you’ll find an IntelliLink system as standard in every Insignia. Featuring a colour touchscreen and full smartphone integration † , it does smart entertainment, hands-free and voice operation using Apple CarPlay™ and Google Android Auto™.

That feeling when you know exactly where you’re going. The Navi 900 IntelliLink system gives you a greater sense of control. It combines all the features of R4.0 IntelliLink with a larger 8-inch touchscreen, an ultra-fast processor, dynamic mapping and voice recognition for smarter hands-free control.

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