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Crossland X

Vauxhall Crossland X

It’s the stuff life’s made of – work, play, family, friends and everything in between. But no matter what the moment, Crossland X makes time for you.

Just check that shapely SUV design. It’s packed with so many smart features you'll wonder how you lived without them. 

So relax, enjoy, and don’t worry about a thing. This is a car that makes time for you. 

​It’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it. Great style’s about confidence. An attitude for every moment, whether it’s a city break, school run or muddy festival. With swag to spare, Crossland X’s got a serious strut on, with sleek, muscular curves made to make you feel good. Wherever, whatever.

Like any relationship, it’s not simply about looks. Hey, it’s what’s inside that counts. And inside Crossland X you’ll see plenty of smart stuff on show. Its interior and facia are stylishly uncluttered, with plenty of space, light and all-round visibility, thanks to Crossland X’s height. Seating’s adaptable and super comfy too, especially when you can choose heated leather*. There’s loads of well thought out storage ideas, and a touchscreen infotainment system everyone’s gonna love. Go on, have a look. It’s the beginning of a beautiful relationship. 

We love to dazzle with the best of them. But when it comes to lighting, it’s all about the occasion. So here’s a little enlightenment. You’ll drive safer, surer and more relaxed than ever with Crossland X’s smart headlights. Not only do they have LEDs that shine brighter than halogen or xenon bulbs, but they adapt to oncoming traffic so you never have to dip your headlights. You can focus better on the road, see further ahead, and it makes your car easier to see (heck, never any harm in a bit of extra attention). 

Everyone makes mistakes. We’re only human, right? But when you’re driving, there’s more at stake. That heart-in-mouth moment when you have to brake suddenly. Rewind that moment though – imagine you had a hi-res camera looking out for you, with sensors to alert you seconds quicker and help you brake sooner? At the wheel of the Crossland X, driving can be so much safer. Smart, reliable tech like automatic emergency braking, headup display and lane departure warning keep you alert and can buy you vital seconds of reaction time to correct any slip-ups.

Parking’s maybe the least popular aspect of driving (apart from being stuck in traffic – that always sucks). So thank the techies for Crossland X’s driver assistance systems. Helping you park like a pro and even giving you eyes in the back of your head with a rear-view camera.

“Ah yeah, tuuuuunne, turn it up!” Your favourite track – unbeatable. New sounds or classic anthems, time spent in the car goes loads quicker with the music you love. So Crossland X brings it on with the new R4.0 IntelliLink infotainment system. It connects your mobile device using Bluetooth®, Apple CarPlay™ or Android Auto™, and projects it seamlessly to the R4.0 IntelliLink 7-inch touchscreen1 . So you can chat, text and play music, all with your hands on the wheel, your eyes safely on the road, and your head nodding to the groove. 

Space. A fundamental concept that’s challenged scientific minds for decades. Especially when it comes to packing for your holidays. No need to be challenged by Crossland X’s dimensions though. It has space to spare, with the power to split it, expand it and make it more flexible. Even before you start, the boot’s a generous 410 litres. And, with a simple slide of the rear seats, you’ve got space for anything from giant plants and awkward pushchairs to a car full of kids and a bootload of flat pack furniture.

No time to hang about? The Crossland X’s nippy, solid and efficient handling gives you time to do what you want to do. Its nimble, powerful drive is helped by its smart chassis design and engineering, built for dynamic driving performance with confident, road-hugging control at every turn. It’s driven by a new range of super-efficient petrol and diesel engines with manual or automatic transmissions to suit every driving style, from school runs and city commutes to weekend road trips and family breaks.

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