Vauxhall Contract Changes

In April, many news websites have released that PSA Groupe have terminated all their retailers with immediate effect.

Retailer contracts have been terminated by PSA Groupe so they can update the legal aspects (changes from GM contracts) and to streamline/update the retailer network. Whilst it is regretful that the UK retailers will be reduced, we understand that the industry is changing and there is a need for super sites that have the capability to meet customer satisfaction, customer requirements, and have the space to develop facilities with skills to cope with a change in the future to “all electric”.

Our commitment to the Vauxhall brand and our consistent high performance over the past 30 years has been noticed and we are very happy to confirm that Aston (Melton Mowbray) Ltd have been unaffected by the contract terminations mentioned in the news. Our open ended contract will be renewed which covers the entire Vauxhall brand, all products and services.

Our performance would not have been possible without our very loyal customers and staff - we appreciate you all greatly.

We look forward to the continued partnership and serving all our valued customers old and new.

The team at Aston are fully committed to the brand and to continually achieving award winning status.

Yours faithfully

Brian Kay and Amanda Stevens


PACE! - the strategic plan for Opel / Vauxhall